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Starting a Photography Business 101

LongLensPhotographerStarting a photography business – or any type of business, for that matter- is very hard. It takes a lot of work, planning and dedication.

I remember when I first started with my photography business, I doubted if it would succeed. Struth…, a lot of friends and relatives doubted it too. They told me that being a photographer isn’t really a job. It’s a hobby. Taking photos is something that you do on the weekends – not as a source of livelihood.

This is all very understandable. A photography business can be quite competitive- there are many photographers out there, ready and willing to steal clients from you! And aside from that, the demand for it, depending on your specialty, is not that much.

But of course, you already know all that. But still, you’re here: eager and interested in learning more on how to start your very own photography business.

In this article, I will give you the most important points to remember when it comes to setting up your photography business. We won’t be able to cover all the aspects of your new business venture, but rest assured, you’ll get some the basics to get your business jump-started.

Have the Passion

Have you ever heard or known someone who owns a photography business who is not addicted to photography? I would have to bet that you don’t. As I said earlier, photography is a hobby. People who turn this into a business are big photography aficionados already.

Like in any business, you would definitely encounter a few bumps on the road. You can’t and won’t exactly be makings tons of money right away with your new photography business. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, these challenges won’t discourage you.

Use Technology

Time is changing fast. Technology is becoming more advanced each day and more discoveries are being made. There are disadvantages to this new technology- it’s hard to keep up with it. But when it comes to setting up your own photography business, you can make it work to your advantage.

Regardless of whether or not you have your own studio, it would help if you have a website (or at least a blog site) for your photography business. It’s a good way to showcase your portfolio and the different services you offer.

Another great way to utilize the Internet is through creating Facebook fan pages for your business, a Twitter account to advertise and you can post videos in YouTube- tutorial videos, portfolios, etc.

Technology can help you catapult your photography business to success – if you know how to use it well. Remember, your aim is to not only be a good and reputable photographer, but a photographer who eats, as well.

Get Lessons

Every day, a business (traditional or online) closes down. Competition is doubly fierce right now because of the slow recovery of the economy. It really makes a world of difference to get some tips and tricks from experienced and successful entrepreneurs.

Of course, you do not have to go back to school or apply in an expensive business school. You can take online courses or maybe ask someone you personally know who runs a successful business- preferably, a photography business too.

Most people today think of lessons or courses as a waste of time and money. But you know what? Starting and going on a new photography business venture blindly is a much more waste of time, money and effort.

Start Small

Who do you expect your first customers are? Yes, these are the people you already know. And you know what? This is a very effective and wise strategy to jump-start your photography business.

No other kind of advertisement is better than the word-of-mouth kind.

Here’s a tip: showcase a small gathering of friends and colleagues, print out your best photo collections. Put price tags on them (make sure you mention these are discounted prices – (they’ll feel super) and at the same time, perhaps give away your business cards.

If on the other hand your ready for real paying customers and your serious, you can learn how to ensure you get new customers every week.

Hope this has been helpful even if it’s in some small way,

Ray Baker