Photography Testimonials

Here’s a testimonial with a success element – By the way, congratulations from all of us Tom!

“Hi Ray, I’m writing to let you know that with all your advice and teachings along with other professionals I’ve listened to, as of Sunday morning March 25/07 I was voted by the judges of the International Society of Photographers in Las Vegas Nevada this years international amateur photographer and received the grand prize of $10,000.00. Thanks for all your help Ray!!” – Tom Danyluk (Tom has site of the month in the right column)

Here’s another valued testimonial. I was so chuffed, I just had to put it up! By the way, thank you Roger for your kind words.

“Ray, The purpose of this email, right out of the blue, is to simply say “thank you” for your diverse and interesting contributions provided for camera lovers everywhere. How you manage to find continued fresh and appealing Internet information that not only rings true, and is value added in itself, is a credit to you. We really look forward to your contributions and the manner in which they are presented to the viewer. Your website is high on our “must view” favourites and I sure that goes for a many others who enjoy the fruits of your effort. Great contributions Ray, great goodwill, great information. Pretty happy with that.” With kind regards. Roger Jeakings, New Zealand

Here’s another but this one has a great tip in it. Read the part about the flash! By the way, thanks Kevin for the kind words and well done.

Hi Ray,

my first testimonial and what a great time to do it. I’ve just finished the biggest photo shoot of my very short career as a pro photographer. I thank you for the straight and practical advice you gave me. As a result of it I have been re-booked and have more orders for prints than I can count, and two bookings for family portraits.

What really sold them was the slide show I set up after the event. I took candid shots while they drank and dined, and blended into the background. It was a winner!! The natural light was great, and the flash was used minimally and that helps when your clients are 40 plus and worried about wrinkles.
Thanks again for a great web site,