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Tips for Taking Better Vacation Photos

If you are taking your family on a much-awaited vacation this summer, you wouldn't leave your camera behind, right? After all, what's a family vacation without it? Needless to say, you need to take your camera along with you to record all the precious memories you will be spending together with your family – memories that are sure to last for years to come.
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7 Summer Photography Tips You May Want to Consider

Some of the greatest memories are made during summer. So, with this awesome season right around the corner, it would really be a great idea if you can brush up on your photography skills to allow you to capture all the fun memories that are to be made this summer season.
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Street Photography Tips – Photoshooting On The Street Made Easy

The only way to become better at the art of photography is to take the camera out and about, photographing tons of objects in many different ways. Digital photography is perfect for practicing because if any of the pictures are not up to par, they can simply be deleted. Of course, the amateur could study the photographs that are substandard so he or she can critically examine them, seeing where the photograph could be improved.
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Street Photography Techniques Professionals Refuse To Share

Photographers dabbling in street photography deal with subjects in public places and in candid situations. There is a wide variety in the kind of subjects and the pictures that are possible in street photography and that will give people a glimpse on the everyday drama that happens on the streets and in other public places. A single photograph can freeze a particular moment in time of the life of a subject and make it available for closer inspection. One good thing about street photography is that there is that possibility that the final viewer of the printed image can see more than what was originally seen by the photographer.
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City Shots and Wide Angle Lenses

Provides information and tips on ultra wide lens, fisheye lens, city shots, wide angle lenses. It is necessary to first view the range of lenses that fall under the wide angle description. These can be the more traditional 24 and 35mm options. Alternatively, they can range from 14 to 21mm (known as “UW” or Ultra Wide), and even to the 6 and 15mm versions which are called “Fisheye” lenses. Each will create a very distinct set of results, and a photographer will have to know when to use, or when to entirely avoid using, such lenses.
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31 Photography Quotes by Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams was a great American photographer, most well known as a master landscape artist. Most of his photographs depict natural landscapes of the American west. Born in San Francisco in 1902, Ansel Adams trained as a concert pianist before deciding to become photographer. He became famous for the technical skill with which he produced spectacular images of the American landscape. He advocated straight and un-manipulated photography. His works were exhibited all around the country, and he helped establish the department of photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in 1940, and was awarded a number of fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation to photograph National Parks in America.
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How To Photograph Winter Scenes

You wouldn’t think so but winter landscapes- or snow scapes – are one of the most challenging to photography enthusiasts. The difficulty can be that the average light tone of a snow scape is a lot lighter than what a medium grey tone is. This can put your meter readings out and give you an […]
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Of Water-Lily Ponds and Snow Filled Woods

All Landscape Photography is Local Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neil, Jr., member of the U.S. House of Representatives for 34 years is credited with the line “All politics is local”. And Like politics, all landscape photography is local. Sometimes photographers give a universal feeling to a shot so that the viewer will never know where it […]
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Hot Rod Photography

Recently I had the fun and exciting opportunity to attend a local Hot Rod Show at Lake Merced, CA. What a great setting. The Hot Rod Clubs were allowed to park their cars all around the lake’s perimeters near access roads and in other locations in the park area! With the lake as a background […]
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Outdoor Photography: Don’t Stop at Sunset

I really enjoyed the article I read today entitled, “Fun, Morning and Evening Lighting Shots,” by Dave Corn. In the article, he wrote: “….. take the pictures at sunset and continue until the sun is nearly gone! Again, notice the changes in lighting (colors, textures, and contrasts). This is a fun exercise and you will […]
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Photography Tips for the Snow and Winter

How to Take Stunning Photos During Winter One of the outstanding benefits of being a photographer, whether you’re an amateur or a professional are the many choices or areas to work or experiment in. None less than winter or snow photography. You can of course ‘luck it’ and of course most savvy photographers with lots […]
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Ten Ways to Make Outdoor Portraits That Rock

How often do you know that the outdoor portrait you are about to take is the only chance you'll get before the subject is leaving to go on a trip, perhaps the lighting will never be the same again or something else along these lines is threatening a second chance if things should go wrong. If it hasn't happened to you yet, it will! The obvious solution is to ensure as much as possible that your portrait session is going to run smoothly and in an organised fashion. That's easier said than done most of the time though. This portrait article below has some exceptional tips on reducing the risks of outdoor portrait failure. After you've read them you'll be that much more prepared in an outdoor portrait setting. Enjoy!..
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