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Glamour Model Photography

Glamour modelYou see them on TV. You see them in every magazine, on billboards, on the sides of buses – simply everywhere. I am talking about fashion and glamour models. People young and old rich and poor aspire to enter this exciting and glamorous vocation. One thing they all have in common is they-need-YOU, the photographer. They need photos for portfolios.

Here’s the good part. You can be an amateur-beginner or seasoned pro and still attract models to shoot right in your own hometown.

Now lets be honest. If you are looking for a date try a dating service. Be professional and respectful and your reputation will shine along with your business or hobby.

Before we get to how you can easily attract models to shoot for your portfolios, websites or hobby you need a few basics. Here they are;

1. A digital camera of at least 5 mega pixels (best if it has a hot shoe for a flash attachment) or an SLR.

2. You must at least know how to operate the beast with confidence,

3. Business cards cost about 20 bucks for 500 at Staples. Business cards give you an inexpensive means of advertising.

4. Model release forms, samples can be found online.

5. A location to shoot, perhaps the local park or state forest and a few bucks to buy film (if you use it), developing and prints to give to the model. If you are shooting digital you of course need the ability to give the model a set of the best shots on a cd.

So now you are set and ready to become the world’s next famous fashion and glamour shooter.

And now, here’s what you have been waiting for. No not the winning lottery number. How to attract models to come to you and pose for free or better yet pay you. The best method is to start with friends and family to practice poses and other basics. This is not glamorous but it’s a good place to start. Advertise in local college newspapers which will cost around 25 bucks. Keep it simple: “Needed, new models, trade your modeling time for free prints / cd. No experience needed.” Call 555-5555 for details.

  • When the calls come – be honest! Remember, you are starting a new business or updating your portfolio and you need TFP (time for photos).
  • Answer your phone like a professional i.e. ” Hello this is Mort – how can I help you”. So what if your friends and family think you answer the phone in a strange way, they’ll get used to it.
  • Or join a site like “One Model Place” or the likes and be notified every time a new model starts in your area.

One more thing; it is important to bring into the conversation with everyone you meet, what you do. You are a fashion and glamour photographer, say it with confidence. Don’t forget to give out your business cards to everyone you meet.

Stay focused

Ray Baker