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Wedding Photography Trends You Should Definitely Be Aware Of

wedding photography trendsDo you know the latest emerging trends in wedding photography? Do you honestly want to know how brides-to-be want to capture the memories of their special day? Do you think you are capable of giving them what they want? Well, if you want to give your clients the dream wedding photo coverage they deserve, you should really read this article from beginning to end. For sure, you’ll get a lot of ideas to get your creative juices flowing just by doing so!

Listed below are some of the latest photography trends that are gaining popularity among soon-to-be-wed couples:

The re-emergence of vintage style photography. Once again, old is definitely in – especially this summer season. A lot of brides-to-be want to add a vintage touch to their own weddings. They are requesting for vintage style wedding dresses, vintage settings (think of antique vases and lace accents) and sepia wedding photographs with an old grainy feel to set the tone and atmosphere of their special day.

So, does this mean that you have to edit all the wedding photos to give them a vintage feel? Well, absolutely not. You just have to choose those that have some touch of vintage, edit them using Photoshop or some other photo editing software and you’re good to go!

Back to basics. It is interesting to note that more and more couples are requesting for classic black and white photography. In fact, it is now fast becoming a favorite, along with the sepia look characteristic of vintage style photography. Black and white wedding photography works great for documenting and highlighting emotional moments – think about your clients’ first kiss and first dance as man and wife and you’ll get the idea. Since colors usually distract our eyes, taking it off can bring the mood into better focus. Well, considering these, it’s no surprise that black and white photography is currently making waves!

Pre-wedding portraits and wedding week coverage. Aside from having a boudoir photography session or some other pre-wedding photo sessions right before the wedding, a lot of couples are also leaning toward having their whole wedding week documented on film. The latter is mostly requested by those who have friends and relatives who are coming in from out of town. Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to capture all those special moments on camera? You bet it would be!

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Creativity and originality makes the day. Generic, stiff poses are definitely out. What couples want is to capture the memories of their special day in a unique and special way. As such, they expect you to make their photos stand out by being totally personal. Capture those magical moments on camera and you’re sure to carve a niche for yourself in this business.

The need for a second photographer. If you still believe that second photographers are only needed for weddings with larger guest lists, well, think again! Most couples are now requesting for a second photographer to cover the groom’s and his groomsmen’s wedding day preparations and to provide more flexibility during the ceremony and reception. Without a doubt, a second photographer can make things easier for you and will keep everyone happy, too.

Bokeh wedding photography. Attaching a black filter with small heart cut-outs to your lens is especially useful if you want to add a sweet touch to a night scene. A lot of couples will surely love it since this technique will add a subtle romantic flair to their photos.

Using Holga camera prints. If your clients would rather have a hip, old-school kind of wedding photography, then you may want to use a Holga camera for the job. Shooting with a Holga camera will give the wedding photos dark corners and edges and an arty and grungy look.

Choosing the right DSLR is just the first step towards compelling wedding-photography.
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