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Photography Tutorial No 3 – A little goes a long way…

moz-screenshottut3.jpg A little goes a long way

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why people are precise and caring about some things while completely abandoning any semblance of responsibility for others. Take my partner for instance. She is a qualified registered nurse with an eagle eye for anything that bears the slightest resemblance of dust. Out comes the vacuum cleaner, the polishing rag, or the bucket and mop. But when it comes to her car, nothing seems to matter. It just functions and if it gets a bit grubby yours truly has to deal with it or nothing happens. That’s how it is.

So what has this background got to do with images, you might well ask? To see more you will need to subscribe to the tutorial…

OK…maybe just a little more then!

It’s perfect analogy. I observe so many potentially great images massacred by information overload. Let us dig a little deeper shall we. Just for a moment use your imagination and consider your images are divided into jig saw pieces containing one single component of the image, pieces of visual information, pieces that have to be assemble together perfectly to complete the image. Now stop and think carefully here. When you assemble the information jigsaw pieces together you want place them in position to tell a story, provide the viewer with identifiable information and to fulfil and convey the purpose you intended when you captured the image in the first place. What if we changed the visual jig saw pieces into words? How would they read? Let’s quote a line from Shakespeare shall we. Everything fits perfectly together

“This above all: to thine own self be true”. – Hamlet (Act I, Scene III).

That is the perfect scenario. But what if the information jigsaw pieces don’t fit, creates confusion, and detracts from the original intent? This is where you subscribe to the photography tutorials.