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Building An Impressive Photography Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of a photographer’s sample photographs. When looking for business deals, like when commissioning for wedding photography and the like, most clients would want to see a photographer’s portfolio before making a decision on who to commission for the job at the hand.

photo business1When you are in the photography business, a portfolio is something you cannot do without.  A photographer would need to showcase his talent in photography and a portfolio is an effective tool in marketing one’s trade.  Having an impressive portfolio is a must for any photographer who wants to enter and find a niche in the photography business world.

Building a portfolio can be a daunting task and it requires a combination of patience, hard work, and dedication.  Here are some helpful tips budding photographers can try in building their portfolio:

Free Shoots.  If you are just beginning to build your portfolio, you need to shoot a wide variety of subjects.  Since you are just starting out, you do not yet have a client base yet that will pay you to take pictures of them and you also may not have the budget to hire models to shoot.   When building your portfolio some scratch, you can have close family and friends as your subjects and they would really love it if you take photographs of them for free.  You can autograph the complimentary copies for them.  Who knows, it will get so valuable when you become famous.

Determining How Much To Charge.  Once people get a whiff of your newfound trade and the free shoots you have been conducting, some of them could get interested to try your services.   This is when you should start charging a minimal fee.  Given the fact that you are a newbie, exorbitant fees could put off prospective clients and this is not good especially when you are just starting out in the business.

Many photographers who are really into the art of photography would sometimes feel uncomfortable about accepting professional fees for their services.  Most of them eventually come to terms with the fact that it’s part of the business and that it is something that is completely unavoidable if one has to survive in it.

The Importance Of Editing.  Every photographer I know would want to create fabulous photographs.  One important key to this is using various editing techniques to enhance a photograph and correct its flaws.  This is now very easy to do with the advent of digital cameras and with the various editing software available now.

A photographer’s portfolio is something that can showcase a photographer’s talent and technical skills.  It is very important that all the images in this portfolio are of excellent quality to be able to impress prospective clients.  this, in turn, would mean business.

Organizing Your Files.  Chances are, you have lots of good photographs just lying around and their whereabouts are already forgotten by you.  Some of these photographs could be great additions to your portfolio and you simply can’t find them.  You might not even remember that they existed in the first place.

One good way of organizing your files is to keep a copy of the files you consider to be good enough to be included in your portfolio in a separate file folder.  It would also be a good idea to make back up copies of them and to store them in an external hard drive.  Categorizing and labeling your files correctly would also do wonders and would greatly help you in locating the files you need fast.

There are many lessons that can be learned in the task of building an impressive portfolio.  People will have differing opinions on your photographs but it is you who will ultimately define your craft and your art.  Though opinions of experts and professional photographers are worth listening to, at the end of the day, it is what you think of yourself and your work that matters most.

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