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Photo Tip to Share

If any of your readers are like I am, they probably have encountered the same problem I had during a recent trip. What happened was that about 5 or 10 of my first photos of the day came out either way too dark or way too light. The cause? My settings the evening before, while shooting the sunset.

  • If I had opened up my aperture to capture a later shot of the sun, the photos were too dark the next morning, because I had forgotten to redo the settings on my camera from the night before.
  • If I had closed down to shoot the sun earlier, right before it set, or perhaps to darken my image of the sun, and then forgot to redo the settings, the first photos the next morning would be almost black.

The obvious answer? ALWAYS reset the camera before turning it off at the end of the day.

Hope this helps someone.

Thanks for your site and all your help.

From T. Dillon