Halloween Photography Tips: Capture the Best Halloween Moments on Camera

halloween photography tips

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With Halloween just around the corner, I’m pretty sure that a lot of people will appreciate these Halloween photography tips and tricks that we have prepared for you today! So, how do you take the best Halloween photos that will surely be cherished for years to come? Here are some tips that you may want to consider.

Halloween Photography Tips for Better Halloween Photos

How do you take the best Halloween photos? Here’s how!

Identify the focal point. To increase your chances of capturing great Halloween moments on camera, you should try to identify the main focal point before you even hit the shutter. If your main point of interest captures the attention and imagination of those who are viewing them, then you have definitely aced it!

For best results, remember to put your main subject in the most prominent position, apply the Rule of Thirds and really zoom in to your subject to capture the whole story as it unfolds right before your eyes.You should likewise be more adventurous and try to shoot from a unique angle to give a fresh perspective to an otherwise common subject or setting. I assure you, this will make your photos stand out from the rest.

Use a shallow depth of field. If you are photographing a person, try using a shallow depth of field. This can drown the noise and the commotion surrounding your subject and turn them into a beautiful background blur instead.

Consider your lighting. Lighting plays a vital part in every type of photography. Now, since taking photographs during Halloween can be quite a challenge due to all the distractions and the terrible lighting conditions present in most places, you should bring your widest aperture lens as well as your flash at all times.

To get good shots, avoid pointing your flash directly on to your subject. Instead, look for surfaces that you can use to bounce off the light or try to diffuse your flash with a colored cellophane (red will be fine). You should also try shooting in areas where there is sufficient mood lighting to illuminate your subject, increase your ISO value and use a slower shutter speed to capture the mood of the moment.

Take action shots. Halloween is all about kids (and adults!) having fun. So, instead of simply posing your children in front of the camera, why don’t you let them run around, laugh and play? Capturing candid photos of children dressed in their Halloween costumes and wearing a bright smile on their faces surely beats the best posed shots anyone can ever take!

Capture emotions. Besides taking action shots, you should also try capturing children’s emotions on camera. Don’t hesitate to really zoom in to their faces. Whether they are wearing a smile or a frown doesn’t really matter. As long as they are not throwing an all-out temper tantrum, there’s really nothing stopping you from clicking that shutter.

Capture the details. Halloween is evidently more than just costumes. There is too much going on all at once so you may have to step back and observe what’s going on around you. Take a look around and look for the small details that others may have not noticed. You may want to take shots of people getting their Halloween costumes on, all those cute and sometimes ghoulish decorations (don’t forget the pumpkin!), close ups of the party foods and some before and after party shots as well. You should also consider taking photos of exhausted kids at the end of the party with their trick or treat bags overflowing with sugary goodies.

Be daring. As opposed to all of the tips given above, you may likewise want to try something different and throw all the rules of traditional photography into the wind. Feel free to experiment, see what works and have fun doing it! After all, this is what Halloween is all about.

Did you find these Halloween photography tips to be quite useful? I hope you did!

Have fun,

Ray Baker