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Cool iPhone Photography Apps for Beginners and Pros

Here’s yet another post dedicated to iPhoneography buffs! After sharing some iPhone Photography Tips, here are some iPhone photography apps that you should definitely consider downloading into your beloved camera phone (or iPad, for that matter). I know you’re quite as excited as we are so let’s get started! Cool iPhone Photography Apps for Beginners […] Read More...

iPhone Photography Tips: 9 Secrets to Capturing Great Photos Using Your iPhone

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How to Use LinkedIn in Promoting Your Photography Business

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Blacklight Photography Tips for Halloween

Do you want to try something different this Halloween? If you do, you may want to experiment with blacklight photography to come up with some blood-chilling, creepy-looking, out-of-this-world images that can send shivers[...]

Halloween Photography Tips: Capture the Best Halloween Moments on Camera

With Halloween just around the corner, I’m pretty sure that a lot of people will appreciate these Halloween photography tips and tricks that we have prepared for you today! So, how do you take the best Halloween ph[...]

What Makes a Great Photographer: 6 Qualities that Can Help You Succeed

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a great photographer? Do you aim to be the best you can be in this highly creative and technical field? Well, if you do, then you definitely have a lot of work on your hands since the ro[...]

Choosing a Name for Your Photography Business: How to Get It Right

When you are just starting your photography business, one of the main things you need to do is to choose a name for your business. While this may actually seem a no-brainer, it can actually play a major role in the succe[...]

The Importance of Setting up a Wedding Photo Booth at Bridal Fairs

Did you know that setting up a wedding photo booth at bridal fairs can be one of the most effective ways to gain new clients? However, it can also mean a lot of wasted time and resources if you don’t know how to do[...]

How to Use YouTube in Marketing Your Photography Business

Did you know that you can leverage on the power of YouTube in marketing your photography business? Given the fact that about four (4) billion YouTube videos are being viewed on a daily basis, you should really consider u[...]

Car Photography Tips: How to Capture Great Car Photos

Are you in need of some car photography tips that can help you shoot great car photos? If you are a serious photography and automobile enthusiast or a professional photographer who is looking to hone your craft even furt[...]

Wildlife Photography Tips and Tricks: Secrets to Capturing Great Wildlife Photos

Are you in need of some wildlife photography tips and tricks to help you capture all those amazing images in the wild? If you are in the process of developing your skills along these lines, then you probably need all the[...]

Engagement Photo Ideas: How to Get that Perfect Shot

Are you looking for engagement photo ideas that can help you get ahead of your competition? Do you need some help in honing your craft a little further? If you find yourself looking for answers to these very same questio[...]

Wedding Photography Ideas: 8 Tips to Improve Your Craft

Whether you are in need of fresh and imaginative wedding photography ideas or would like to stick with the traditional and time-tested photography approach, you will surely appreciate reading what we have to share with y[...]