Tips for Night Photography

Night time photography produces some amazing results. It is fun capturing the night-time city shots and the bright lights of cars whizzing past.

          Night photography

Night photography

Night time photography produces some amazing results. It is fun capturing the night-time city shots and the bright lights of cars whizzing past.

Use a Tripod to Eliminate Camera Shake

If you are a serious night photographer a tripod is necessary to eliminate camera shake and get clear exposures with good depth of field.

When shooting sunsets and city scapes we normally just point and shoot. Try adding foreground to the photo to add depth. Something else to consider is the general rule of thirds so your photo has good perspective.

When you check the light levels using your camera, make sure it is not pointing directly at the sun. Take the reading based on the colors around the sun. If you don’t then your photo will be underexposed.

If you are photographing fireworks you will certainly need a tripod to get the best photos. The best way is to set your camera up on the tripod and point it towards the sky with the aperture set to narrow and the shutter speed set to long. Experiment with the different settings on your camera to get the best photos.

Your Flash may not be Reliable at Night

Your flash will help you when there are low light levels but your flash may be of little use once it gets dark. Your flash needs some light to bounce off your subject. If you are taking photos over a vast distance at night, all you will get is a dark photo with a burst of light from the flash. This is because your subject is too far from your flash.

Getting an add on, external flash may help but your camera has other features that will help you take photos at night.  Things you can do include increasing the ISO setting, decreasing the shutter speed, or using the night scene mode on your camera.

Use the Night Mode

If you are new to digital photography, check if your camera has a night scene mode. This setting automatically adjusts your camera’s settings when there is low light. It can also help you to take better night photos. If you are not familiar with changing your ISO or exposure settings, the night mode might just work.

Take Photos at Sunset

Some of the best photos are taken as the sun sets. At dusk the sky is darkening but has enough light for your camera to take a good photo without using a tripod.

It takes a little research if you are going to shoot at sunset. Check out the times the sun rises and sets in your local paper or you local weather bureau’s website, and check the weather conditions. You need to be ready to shoot around the optimal conditions to get the best photos.

Now you know more about taking photos at night the results you get will amaze you.

This article can be much broader and there are lot of detailed areas to cover. As a starter though I’d love to hear your comments (below) and what you specifically would like to hone in on.