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Secrets To Bringing More Visitors To Your Photo Website

girl-portrait.jpgAny photographer who nourishes and loves their unique gift, and is passionate about their craft, should embrace this report. In it, I’ll not just tell you how to bring more traffic (targeted visitors or customers) to your websites, but also show you how easily it can actually be.

The fact is that no matter how beautiful, or how amazing your photography, photo product or ideas are, if you are not pulling ‘eyeballs’ to your site, then your photo business will struggle to evolve in the direction of success that you envision for it.

One of the simplest methods to show your individual take on what you do, is by writing, and submitting articles. Articles show you as an expert, and anyone reading the article usually has an interest in that subject. That reader is your perfect customer… and if they like what they read, they will click through to your site.

Now, you may be thinking that article writing is too hard, and that you can’t possibly write. I once thought like that too! But now, with an assortment of ‘niche photo articles’ traversing the Internet, each one linking back to my websites, and each one bringing with it my perfect visitor, you’ll find your whole perspective changes in a hurry because the process works so well!

But, in case you really feel you can’t write, let’s look at a few easy options. One great way to “write” is by just speaking your thoughts into a microphone and recording yourself talking. I’m sure you’ll actually find it rather an enjoyable experience. You simply sit down and start talking as if you were having a friendly, helpful chat with a friend.

Afterwards, you’ll need to clean up the recording and transcribe it into a text editor. (You can get someone else to do that part too). You’ll also want to pencil out some guidelines to help you keep on point throughout your talk. And, by the way, if you find yourself continuing the conversation, just keep going… you don’t have to stop at just one article!

Another rather simple way to ‘create’ an article is by interviewing another expert. You come up with the questions, and you can email them or interview them over the phone or Internet. Just think… how many “interesting” photographers do you know that produce amazing work?

Last time I looked, there was an abundance of superb photography out there! And the great thing about an interview-article is that it’s truly a win-win situation. The interview-article promotes you, and your interviewee. You help them ‘get some recognition’ while readers will come back to your own site looking for more information…

That’s just two easy ways to bring people to your photo website…

Of course, you need to practice the ‘art of communication’ a little too. (The best way to do that… is by doing what we mentioned above!) You’ll also want to have a ‘enticing’ resource box under your article. The resource box is the all-important ‘link’ back to your site… so do some diligent research to see how other “experts” have formatted their own resource box and then work on creating your own.

And, finally, one thing I would encourage you to think about… is to aim for quality, or at least, a high degree of excellence. That doesn’t mean ‘don’t do it because it’s not good enough’ but simply to aim towards ‘producing your best work,’ the same as you would with your photography. Sometimes, aiming for completion rather than perfection makes good sense.

So, now that you know this, you have no excuses as a ‘talented photographer’ to not get out there and start expanding your photo business online… and letting the world know how great you actually are!

Martin Hurley, the ‘sell photos online’ dude is an unconventional modern day artist and photographer who helps people uncover their inner talents and passions… and make money from taking photos! Why not start selling your photos online? Visit now to get powerful tips, ideas and secrets and sign up to my free ezine. Get the full story and selling photographs solutions here.

Contributed by Martin Hurley