iPhone Photography Tips: 9 Secrets to Capturing Great Photos Using Your iPhone

iPhone Photography

iPhone Photography

There’s no denying it. There is a growing trend in photography and it involves the use of, you guessed it right, your iPhone! So, to keep up with the modern trends, here are some iPhone photography tips that may help you come up with the best photos every time you click your shutter. Are you ready for this? I know you are!

iPhone Photography Tips for Beginners

Here are some tips that can help you capture the best images using your iPhone:

Set it on high. Before you start clicking away, make sure that your picture quality and resolution settings are set on high.

Hold your iPhone using both hands. If you want to get the best images using your iPhone, you should handle it just like the way you would handle a regular camera. Use two hands for stability or look for something that you can use for support. Believe me, this simple trick will make a world of difference!

Don’t be afraid to zoom in. However, make sure that you use your feet and not your digital zoom box in doing so. By using the digital zoom box, you risk losing image quality. Remember, the more you zoom in, the more likely you will experience camera shake. When this happens, your photos will most likely be grainy and pixelated. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

Keep your images simple. In taking photos using your iPhone, keep in mind that clean and simple beats clutter all the time. Stick with one main subject or an easily readable pattern every time you click on your shutter and you have just increased your chance of capturing a great image.

Shoot under right lighting conditions. As with every type of photography, lighting plays an important role in determining the quality of the resulting images. As a general rule, you should always keep the light behind you and make sure that your subject is well-lit before pressing the shutter. Here are some other lighting tips that you should consider when taking photos using your iPhone:

  • In shooting portraits, use soft light to illuminate your subject. This can make your subject feel more comfortable and create a more pleasing look.
  • Keep your subject’s face away from direct light when shooting portraits to prevent casting hard shadows.
  • If you want to try something different, try taking photos in low lighting conditions. Taking photos at dusk or during night time may produce some very stunning photos.
  • Take as many shots as you want. This will increase your chances that one shot will come out looking way better than the others.

Experiment with your angles. By using a camera phone, you have the opportunity to experiment shooting using different angles and perspectives. You can take photos using high and low angles and even get it on some very awkward spaces which will be quite a challenge if you were using your DSLR.

Keep your iPhone dry and clean. It is always a good idea to keep your camera phone protected from water and dust so keep it in a waterproof case and always clean your lens.

Do not delete. Even if you think that your images are not that great, you should resist the urge to delete them. For all you know, they will look a lot better in your computer monitor.

Consider using the right apps to do the job. There are a wide variety of iPhone apps that can help you take better quality photos. Consider checking out Camera+, Instagram, Camera Timer!, Social Cam and 360 Panorama to help you take care of all the unique shooting situation you run into.

Now, do you think you are ready to explore the wonderful world of iPhoneography? With these iPhone photography tips, you will surely get beautiful images all the time!

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Have fun,

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