An A to Z guide to practical pinup photography online workshop 1

An A to Z guide to practical pinup photography online workshop

Pinup Photography

Pinup Photography

I liked this course so much I decided to make it available here.

Here’s what it is –

It’s all about learning pin-up photography but not your low key stuff. This is the real McCoy! If you want to learn how to work with models and create desirable pin-ups, you should read on.

This is what you get –

Loads of information on the following (in fact too much to write about here)

– It explains what a real Pinup is

– The Three Stages of Producing Pinups

– Pre-production

– All the details not normally discussed which are hard to find out on the internet or in books

– Props

– Sets

– Models

– Lighting

– Post-Production

I thought that was fairly reasonable when I learned the above, then I learned Ron (the guy who created this) was providing even more…check this…

  • 52 minutes of lecture
  • A 40 page ebook with 19 images
  • The concepts handout, that include dozens of pinup concepts and props
  • More than were available at his workshop (you’ll read about that later)
  • 54 minutes of the Kimberly Pinup Shoot, raw and uncut.

This is what it will do for you…

It will without a doubt show you the correct way to produce such good results, you could just use the knowledge for incredible fine-art-photography crafting. In addition, you could set yourself up for pin-up commercial photography. These techniques don’t simply just come to you so this is a good inexpensive way to learn pin-up model photography very effectively and very fast.

This is what I want you to do…

Go straight to my blatant affiliate link below (unless I forgot it) and go to the site. Read the story and don’t hesitate, just get it! I think this is special. As always, there’s a guarantee… but it’s unlikely you’ll use it.

Learn pin-up photography right now

If you are suffering trepidatious attacks and can’t bring your self to part with a pittance for this great source of training then I don’t know what to say. However, I discovered something that might help comfort the symtom called ‘wallet opening dread’.

Note: Only do this if your hand won’t stop shaking when you try to purchase the real course (above) which could also end up making you some money.

Here’s what I discovered – While I was checking his stuff I also fell over a little (almost) secret at the bottom of the page. There are a couple of words in the bottom LEFT hand corner – the words are ‘Glamour Apprentice‘. If you click on the words, you’ll come to another page which has a FREE mini course on this subject. It’s just a starter course but it definitely fits into what I call the cool category.

This is what the free mini course will do for you…

The Free Model Photography Mini-Course provides;

  • 10 common mistakes of new model photographers
  • 6 elements of a quality portfolio (you’ll need to know this)
  • Shooting girlfriends and wives
  • Create value in the eyes of a model Building rapport with a model
  • other stuff

It’s pretty good stuff but if it were me, I would go straight for the main parcel of pin-up modelling goodies.

Here’s the link again


Roy Barker