Start a Photo Business

Pet Photography as a Profitable Business

portrait-pet-photography.jpgAnimals and photography are your passion, and people often ask you to take photos of the pets for them. Now you dream of starting a pet photography business.

Pets have been a part of your life for so long and you have hundreds of photos spanning many years. You have captured them as pictorial memories for the rest of your life. Animal photography is rewarding. By combining the two things you enjoy doing the most; it can make sense to become a pet photographer.

There are so many people out there whose pets are part of the family. Many show their pets, horses and trial in dog sports. There is a huge scope in what you can do with pets in your pet photography business.

Starting a professional pet photography business has a lot of rewards but there are some things you may want to know before you start.

Equipment a Pet Photographer Needs

The main thing you need is a good quality SLR camera. One of the cheap models with a built-in lens can not achieve the quality you want for a professional pet photography business. An SLR camera will produce good results and you can change the lenses for different effects. For example, use a telescopic lens for distant work. Also, use it for action pet photography and you can get brilliant results.

Build a Pet Photography Portfolio

People love looking at photos and they want to see yours. This is extremely important as people want to see what you can do. The first impression you make with samples of youraction-pet-photography.jpg work can make or break whether you get a job or not.

Take photos wherever you go. Keep your camera with you and take every opportunity you can to practice. Ask people walking their dogs in the park or at beach if you can take photos. Ask friends and family if you can practice your action photography and pet portrait photography on their pets. This takes time, dedication and passion – but if you intend to succeed then these are the characteristics you need. You also need patience they always say animals are hard to work with sometimes they are. But if you have a natural affinity for what you do you, keep in mind that capturing the natural shots are usually the best.

Give people free copies for themselves and keep the best ones for your own portfolio. Remember, you have to take a lot of photos to get just one good one so make sure you only put really top photographs in your portfolio. And keep adding to it after each successful photographic session.

Brand your Photography Business

Give your pet photography business a name. Get business cards, create a logo, a website just completely recreate yourself. What a great opportunity to create something you dream of. This gives you a recognizable identity.

Take your Photography Business out on Location

Where are you going to work from? Home? Working from home makes a lot of sense and is cost-effective to setup. Make sure you put aside a separate space from the rest of the home. This gives you definable space for your photography business. Often it can be best to visit your clients or have their owners bring them out into a good setting.

Start out part-time and build your reputation. Reputation really means a lot as a pet photographer. Genuine love for what you do, knowledge of animals and a great attitude will take you a long way. Either one of these two books has valuable information if you’re intending to take pet photography seriously. I suggest you at least look at them and you’ll see what I mean.

I always include my course at the bottom of these articles via this link so you can get underway with your own photography customers when you’re ready.