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Enhancing the use of your Digital Camera

You may have been using your camera for holidays and family affairs and thinking from time to time that you one day should attempt to use it for other beneficial purposes. This is an attempt to show you some ways you can benefit from your camera but without touching on the commercial areas that we have discussed before. I have simply foccused on the overlooked areas that are beneficial to you on a day to day basis…

Although you may have used your camera frequently to photograph family and friends on various occasions, you may have also had an idea to use your camera in other different ways. This article aims to acquaint you with other beneficial purposes of using your camera that do not lie in the commercial arena. It covers the most frequently overlooked areas of digital camera usage.

Tweak your pictures before uploading to an online service

Consider the following example: You’re looking out for that special someone and decide to try an online dating service. You are excited about the prospect of meeting your life partner and obviously want everything to go off well. Suppose you’ve had a bit of a hard night and you notice that your eyes are redder than usual. Why not use the tools at hand to take away the redness of your eyes? By using some economically priced editing software, you can achieve this in a very few steps. Tools such as Paint Shop Pro or Foto Finish have the ability of doing this including the ability to change overall contrast and brightness.

To have you looking a little bit fresher, zoom in on the eye area of your image and by using either the magic wand tool, you can select the areas of your eye which are red. Next, use the color adjust feature to remove the redness in your eyes. There you go! A more appealing image in a few easy steps.

Selling on ebay? Make your photos stand out

If you want to have more interest in the items you sell on ebay and sit back and watch your bids rise, you will want to present clean, crisp images of your products. Why do products get put in such attractive packaging theses days? Its because market research has proven that people are more attracted to products which are presented in an appealing manner. You too can employ the results of this research to help sell your products. With a minimal investment of equipment required to setup a product studio, you’re on your way to selling your products quickly. All you will need is some non-reflective, non-glare plastic to use as a backdrop and some PVC pipe that you will use as support. Its essential that your backdrop look as natural as possible with no uneven areas. Depending on how your room is architected, you may be able to use natural light from your windows. Otherwise, you will need to invest in some economically priced lighting. One last point to keep in mind is to adjust the white-balance of your photographs. This is as easy to achieve as pushing a button on todays digital cameras. This should position you well in order to sell your products on ebay successfully.

One other good use of your digital camera is to keep an inventory of your belongings.

This can be invaluable in determining what you had in your possession in case there is a fire or a theft. These pictures can prove useful for when you wish to insure your home and possessions. Make sure that when you take pictures of your belongings, that you keep records of the serial numbers and prices. When you’re done with photographing your belongings, make a few copies and store them safely. I recommend storing the images on a CD which you can store safely. Then, it is also useful if you can upload your photographs to an online storage service.

Digital Scrapbooks? Why not?

With everything going digital, most of the conventional methods will almost always have a digital counterpart. This is apparent in the concept of scrapbooks. By using special software, it is possible to create scrapbooks of almost anything. Holiday photos and family occasions can all be recorded on these digital scrapbooks. The advantages are numerous. With the penetration of the PC market, almost everyone has a computer in their home. This makes it easier to share the media containing the scrapbook as well. Its significantly less expensive and quicker. There are several software packages that provide you with scrapbook features and more. Additionally, digital scrapbook software is packed full of graphics that can be used to make your creations beautiful and striking. It also allows you to correct the color, brightness and contrast of your photos to obtain that professional looking finish. You can rely on other features such as cropping or restoring photos. Ever wanted to cut out a friend with a goofy looking pose in your picture or scan in a badly damaged photo and restore it? These days, the software packages offer all these features.

These are some of the ways which you can use your camera for other purposes other than vacations and special occasions.

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