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Engagement Photo Ideas: How to Get that Perfect Shot

engagement photo ideas

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Are you looking for engagement photo ideas that can help you get ahead of your competition? Do you need some help in honing your craft a little further? If you find yourself looking for answers to these very same questions, then there you will appreciate what we have prepared for you today. Enjoy reading!

More than just the nice income it brings in to the business, a lot of professional photographers enjoy taking engagement photos for a number of reasons. First, they love seeing and working with the couple at the height of their romance. It is so inspiring to work around people who are in love, right?

Second, being hired for the engagement shoot makes a photographer’s life a lot easier during the Big Day, which is a lot more challenging and difficult to cover. Rather than walking in as just another photographer on the couple’s wedding day, their family and friends will instantly recognize who you are and appreciate you for the wonderful job you did with the engagement shoot. Wouldn’t that be such a refreshing sight? You bet it is!

Engagement Photo Ideas You Should Definitely Consider

After exploring some of the nice bonuses that come with shooting great engagement photo sessions, you must be ready to learn some engagement photo ideas that can help you rise above your competition. If you are, then let’s get started!

Scout for the perfect location. You must already have a number of possible locations and some test shots even before a client walks into your door. This way, you can give them an idea of how their engagement photos will look like should they choose to go with a particular location.

Be friendly and professional at the same time. Do your best to make the couple comfortable during the actual shoot since it can greatly affect the quality of the resulting photos. Remember, not all people take to the camera quite easily so help them relax and actually enjoy the experience. You may also need to specifically tell them what you want them to do to get the results they want. Take charge. Keep in mind that they booked you because they liked your work so do your job well.

Keep it simple. Well, your gears, that is. Being laden with a lot of equipment will most likely impair your movements and affect your creativity as an artist.

Consider using a telephoto lens.Using a longer lens can help isolate the couple and allow them more room to be themselves. It can also help you shoot between stuff to create a natural frame around your subjects.

Work with available light, not against it. You will only fight a losing battle if you choose to work against ambient light. To counter the harsh effects of ambient lighting, consider using a fill flash.

Engagement Photo Ideas and Posing Tips to Consider

  • Capture the spark. Keep in mind that this particular photo shoot is all about them and their relationship so do your best to capture it on camera. The best way to accomplish this is to encourage them to talk to each other, nuzzle, exchange gentle kisses and touch each other’s arms or face. Let them enjoy each other’s company the way they usually do and the feeling will naturally flow.
  • Learn how to pose the couple. Let’s face it – you wouldn’t always have an idea on how to pose the couple, especially when you come across some new, nice backgrounds, right? When you come across such situations, it is always a good idea to pose one person first (it doesn’t matter if it’s the guy or the girl) and then work the other person into the picture.
  • Create a theme. Why settle for an ordinary engagement photo shoot when you can tell the couple’s story by infusing a little creativity? Consider taking the shoot to where the couple first met, where she said ‘yes’ or to a place they both enjoy. You may also consider using an amusement park, the exciting urban landscape, the beach or their very own backyard to frame the shots.

There are still a lot of engagement photo ideas that you can use to take your photography skills to the next level but these tips can surely get you started on the right track.

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