7 Tips for Starting out as a Digital Photographer

4771_the_tool1.jpgYour love of photography has made you want to learn more about digital photography. Now you are ready to buy an SLR digital camera and equipment to improve your results.

No matter whether you are a commercial photographer, freelance photographer or just do photography as a hobby this article will give you some tips on what equipment you need.

Obviously, you need a camera and camera bag, but you will also need lenses and filters to help you become a better photographer.

Tips for Buying a Digital Camera

Digital cameras have advanced a long way over the last few years. There is everything from the tiny point and shoot digital cameras to slr digital cameras for the more serious photographer.

With these feature packed slr digital cameras even the basic beginner, just start out experimenting with photography, can take some excellent photos. Some of the features to look for in a digital camera are its resolution, how many modes the camera offers (e.g. macro and panorama; some even have movie making features) and the quality of the lens.

Digital Photographers need a god Computer System

Something many photographers neglect is the quality and speed of their personal computer or laptop. Transferring data from your digital camera takes up a lot of space on your computer. If you are going to digitally edit your own photos then make sure your computer is up to the job. You will also need good photographic editing software. Something like PhotoShop is good and is easy to learn.

I recommend you watch this video

Digital Cameras Chew up Battery Power

Digital cameras really use your battery power up quickly. But it does depend on your camera. Digital cameras that use the screen for you take photos will use your batteries much quicker than an slr digital camera which uses the view finder to setup your photo. It is best to have several sets of rechargeable batteries so you never need run out of power.

Digital Camera Bags for Safety

A camera bag is essential for storing your digital camera when it is not in use. It protects your equipment and keeps it all together in one place which makes it easy to pick up when you are in a hurry. Make sure your digital camera bag is waterproof. Most people take photos while on holiday so buy a camera bag that is plain and simple so it does not become the target of thieves when you are traveling.

Do you need a Tripod for your Photography?

Depending on the type of photography, you do, then you may need a tripod to get the best photographs. A tripod is handy for doing close-ups or long range landscape photography. Get advice from your digital camera retailer as to what the best tripod and setup is for your digital camera and your needs.

Lenses for your Digital Camera

When you buy your digital camera think about the types of lenses you need. The two most important lenses are for taking close-up photographs and a good telescopic lens to get up close and personal to a subject that is in the distance. Once you are an experienced digital photographer you can expand the amount and type of lenses you use.335037_paparazzis1.jpg

Filters for your Digital Camera

Buying a couple of filters for your digital camera will help to reduce the effects of glare when you take your photos. There are filters that will add all sorts of effects to your photographs and once you are more experienced, start experimenting with different types of filters to get unique effects.

When you start out in digital photography, just buy the absolute basics you need to get you started. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars for a good camera that will let you take amazing photos. And if you are really keen, check out some of the online photography courses so you understand how to use your digital camera at its full capacity.

Special Note: Good results with digital backdrops, backgrounds and image editing are often more easily achieved with step by step video tuition rather than trying to absorb a five hundred page book or guide. Why? Because you can actually see what needs to be done and how to do it.

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