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Tips for Mastering Adobe Photoshop Levels

Photoshop and other image editing programs contain a tool known as levels that can take an image histogram and move or stretch its brightness levels. It has the ability to change brightness, tonal range and contrast of total black, total white and any mid-tones in a photographic image. These tips will give you a better handle on levels and enable you to efficiently use it to its full advantage, which will give you better photographs as a result.
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How to Use Long Exposures

Focusing on your shutter speed and adjusting other variables accordingly when taking photographs are needed to get the best long exposure shots possible. When using long exposures, here are some of the things you may need to keep in mind.
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Tips On Photography Backgrounds And Props

Backgrounds and props as well as the people’s attitudes and expressions should be appropriate for the picture. As the photographer, it is up to you to arrange these things so that you can capture the best possible portrait. It will be up to you how the outcome will be so you have to be extra careful in thinking about and applying these factors.
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Photoshop HDR Photography

Learn to use photoshop HDR (high dynamic range) photography with these few helpful tips. HDR (high dynamic range) imagery has helped professional photographers to record photos other than those that they could capture with a camera. It has opened up the photos so that they can record a great range of lighting detail, and makes photos that would otherwise have very dark tonal areas aesthetically pleasing.
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How to Perform Effective Photographic Crops

This is a very basic way to improve a photograph through a photographic cropping procedure, and most photo editing programs offer an enormous number of other options that can be put to good work during the process as well.
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How to Get Photoshop Joy

The almost limitless potential of Photoshop software – it can change textures, apply all kinds of artful filters, make additions or corrections to photographs, and even combine unlikely images into a single image. One area where Photoshop becomes an incredibly useful tool is in portrait photography.
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High Dynamic Range Images Redistributes your Light

The newest technology revolutionizing SLR digital photography techniques is high dynamic range images (HDR or HDRI). Think about some of the shots you take when you are out and about with your digital camera. How often do you think you have that great shot of your dogs running along a beach? You take a look at it on your screen and you are excited it looks great. But, when you download the image it does not have the depth of feel you saw when you took it. A digital image cannot capture the full range of light of the subject. You usually get something less than you expect. But this is true of any camera.
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A Photographer’s Guide to Image Editing Software

Provides tips on image editing (manipulation) software and help selecting an image editing program like Gimp Corel Paint, Cinepaint, Picasa, Pixel etc. Once upon a time, Photoshop ruled the roost of image editing software. However, Adobe's, Incorporated (what some say) inflated prices and callous disregard of its user-base has created a backlash. While the lion's share of photo image editing work - particularly in the professional sphere - still happens on an Adobe product, many image artists are beginning to explore alternative software as well. In most cases, the software was already out there before Photoshop was invented.
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Manipulation, Touch Ups & Photoshop Made So Easy

This latest posting is an eye opener, stuff you should know even if you've already got a photo management program, or know a lot about them. You should know what's out there and what's just been released. I learned a few things just from reading the introduction pages on these!
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