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How to Shoot Action Photography at Night – 9 Tips to Get that Perfect Shot

Do you want to capture extremely vivid and more dramatic action shoots at night? Do you want to shoot clear, crisp photos after day light has long gone? Well, let’s face it. Taking good action shots can be a challenging job for most amateur photographers. And taking photos during the night under either low lighting […]
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Photographing Fireworks – How to Get It Right All the Time!

With the New Year just a few days away, you have the perfect opportunity to catch all those magical fireworks display on camera. But do you know how to make it work? Do you have the skills to capture all those breathtaking moments on camera? While a lot of people are not sure if they […]
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The Secrets To Using Flash Creatively When Doing Action Photography

To get good action shots, you need to have some knowledge of the activity you are planning to photograph. This knowledge will give you an insight on the right place and time to shoot. You need to develop a great sense of timing since timing is a crucial element in action photography. Action photography is about capturing the best moment possible. In short, great moments captured makes for great action photographs. Knowing when to anticipate the peak moments of an action will make you to be in a better position to take breathtaking action photos.
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What You Need to Know About Night Photography

You can use standard film cameras or digital cameras when taking night photos. However, most photographers now use digital cameras because it's more convenient and economical - you can take a lot of photographs without worrying about film wastage. If you want to try night photography, remember that you don’t need to have a lot of special technical knowledge. Follow these simple tips and you will get amazing photographs even in low light conditions:
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How to Use Long Exposures

Focusing on your shutter speed and adjusting other variables accordingly when taking photographs are needed to get the best long exposure shots possible. When using long exposures, here are some of the things you may need to keep in mind.
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Some Techniques When Photographing Fireworks Displays

When taking pictures of fireworks displays, you have to balance the elements of both brightness and darkness. How you balance these elements have a huge impact on the photographs that you create. If a fireworks display happens in your area, just grab your camera and keep in mind these tips:
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City Shots and Wide Angle Lenses

Provides information and tips on ultra wide lens, fisheye lens, city shots, wide angle lenses. It is necessary to first view the range of lenses that fall under the wide angle description. These can be the more traditional 24 and 35mm options. Alternatively, they can range from 14 to 21mm (known as “UW” or Ultra Wide), and even to the 6 and 15mm versions which are called “Fisheye” lenses. Each will create a very distinct set of results, and a photographer will have to know when to use, or when to entirely avoid using, such lenses.
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