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Explore the Wonderful World of Bubble Photography

Have you ever considered bubble photography? Have you ever tried it? If you haven’t, let me assure you that bubble photography can be extremely fun and exciting. Are you ready to learn more about it? Well, good! So, make yourself a nice cup of coffee and be prepared to learn some cool bubble photography tips […]
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Macro Stock Photography – Learn The Important Facts

Macro photography lays claim to some interesting stock photography because of its general aesthetic appeal. It can best be described as capturing a small portion of an object as an image, or an extreme close up. Because macro stock photography only captures a portion of a larger object, it appeals to a different demographic than the usual practiced stock photography.
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Tips for Developing Macro Photography Techniques

There are many ways of approaching macro digital photography. And, if you are new to macro photography, it is quite confusing for those learning how to take great macro shots. Here are some macro photography tips to give you a greater insight into the art of taking close-ups of small things.
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Close Ups: A Light Hearted Approach

"On likely his most famous photo of Pamela Anderson, naked, with an American flag stretched across her back like a Zest towel, which was voted the sexiest picture of the year and became the USO photo distributed to all enlisted men, and in which, "Pammy" is actually 5 months pregnant and doesn't want it to show: "I know it as a sweet secret that Pammy and I were keeping...oh, it's not my baby."
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