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White Balance – Everything You Need to Know About It

For the record, how many of you actually know what white balance is? Do you know how it affects the overall quality of your photos? Well, the truth is, a lot of people don't really understand what it is so they just leave their digital camera settings to Automatic White Balance (AWB). Is this a good thing or a bad thing? You'll see after reading this article!
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Street Photography Tips – Photoshooting On The Street Made Easy

The only way to become better at the art of photography is to take the camera out and about, photographing tons of objects in many different ways. Digital photography is perfect for practicing because if any of the pictures are not up to par, they can simply be deleted. Of course, the amateur could study the photographs that are substandard so he or she can critically examine them, seeing where the photograph could be improved.
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Tips for Mastering Adobe Photoshop Levels

Photoshop and other image editing programs contain a tool known as levels that can take an image histogram and move or stretch its brightness levels. It has the ability to change brightness, tonal range and contrast of total black, total white and any mid-tones in a photographic image. These tips will give you a better handle on levels and enable you to efficiently use it to its full advantage, which will give you better photographs as a result.
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Little-Known Techniques In Black And White Photography

Black and white photographs never fail to exude beauty and nostalgia. This is one of the reasons why despite the invention of color photography, there are still photographers who want to know the art of black and white photography. There are even photographers who specialize in this kind of photography.
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Mastering Composition

A photographer controls the composition of the photograph they are taking by deciding exactly what will be included in the photograph and what will not. The photographer chooses a subject to shoot and makes decisions such as where to place the subject, as well as what to include in the background and the foreground of the photo. Many quick, almost subconscious, decisions go into creating a photograph and composing something that catches the eye, captures the moment and draws the viewer into the scene once the photograph is printed.
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Photo Composition made Easy – Five Tips for Photos

This article provides tips and pointers on photographic composition or photo composition. Composition is another photo technique you need to master to get good photographic results. How often do you stop and think about what you are seeing through the viewfinder of your camera?
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