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The Importance of Setting up a Wedding Photo Booth at Bridal Fairs

Did you know that setting up a wedding photo booth at bridal fairs can be one of the most effective ways to gain new clients? However, it can also mean a lot of wasted time and resources if you don’t know how to do it right. If you want to try your luck in landing […]
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Engagement Photo Ideas: How to Get that Perfect Shot

Are you looking for engagement photo ideas that can help you get ahead of your competition? Do you need some help in honing your craft a little further? If you find yourself looking for answers to these very same questions, then there you will appreciate what we have prepared for you today. Enjoy reading! More […]
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Wedding Photography Ideas: 8 Tips to Improve Your Craft

Whether you are in need of fresh and imaginative wedding photography ideas or would like to stick with the traditional and time-tested photography approach, you will surely appreciate reading what we have to share with you today. So, get yourself a nice cup of tea and enjoy reading! Some Wedding Photography Ideas You May Want […]
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Wedding Photography Trends You Should Definitely Be Aware Of

Do you know the latest emerging trends in wedding photography? Do you honestly want to know how brides-to-be want to capture the memories of their special day? Do you think you are capable of giving them what they want? Well, if you want to give your clients the dream wedding photo coverage they deserve, you […]
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Eight Engagement Photography Tips to Shoot Endearing and Valued Photos

During your initial meeting, make it your goal to know your clients better. Get to know what they are like as separate individuals and as a couple. Get to know how they met, what their wedding is going to be like and how they plan to share their future life together. Aside from getting the information you need in planning for their engagement photo shoot, you can also use this opportunity to make them feel comfortable around you. Keep in mind that the more your clients trust you, the more relaxed and successful your shoot will be.
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How and Where to Advertise Your Wedding Photography Business

An eye for photography can really become a profitable business, especially if you know how to take great wedding photos. The wedding industry is one of the most profitable areas a photographer can explore on. The demand for wedding photography never ends- everyday, a bride is panicking and trying to find the best person to capture digitally the moments from the day she will never forget - her wedding.
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Commercial Photography Habits to Embrace

This story I'm about to pass on to you is common place and yet many photographers in the early days of their careers make small mistakes they could have avoided. I'm guilty of many of these little learning curve events. None more common than the customer or client exclaiming that you hadn't told them it was going to be this expensive.
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Wedding Photography Prices

While it can’t be emphasized enough, the photographs from a wedding are the one tangible thing that will last, long after the candles are all blown out and the guests have gone home. It makes sense, then, to rank the wedding photographer fairly high in importance when planning a wedding. That doesn’t mean, however, that the photography needs to completely overwhelm a wedding budget. Here are some tips for wedding photography that will ensure the photographs are a wonderful keepsake of the event.
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Unique Wedding Photography Poses

wedding photography poses. Making sure you get perfect shots of everything the happy couple wants is easy if you make a plan and stick to it. Creating a checklist of every shot they want is the most important part of planning the photos. Once you have that checklist in hand, you can decide how to pose the people involved.
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Eleven Creative Contemporary Wedding Photography Tips

Contemporary wedding photography is a constantly evolving art, and the latest trends today are the transition to candid photos, in the manner of wedding photojournalism. This type of photography captures the event naturally, “as is,” and without a lot of stilted poses. Creativity is absolutely key to getting great shots. Here are a number of tips to get the best contemporary shots and finished photos: * Journalistic wedding photography can capture very romantic and subtle interactions between the bride and groom on the day of the wedding that might be missed with overly posed traditional photographs, which adds a more dramatic story line to the photo albums, and gives the couple memories to last throughout their entire lives.
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Ten Beach Wedding Photography Tips

Couples who hire a professional to photograph their beach wedding certainly won’t need to worry, as pros know all the tips and tricks of this type of photo. However, many couples are on a tight budget and have opted for a beach wedding because of its frugality. Chances are someone in the family or a friend or friends will be serving as photographer for the big day. These tips will help those amateur photographers to get some awesome shots that will rival those of the best pros.
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Nine Wedding Photography Tips to Keep the Bride Happy

Wedding planning by its very nature keeps everyone involved on high stress alert where each little detail seems emotionally charged. Nowhere is this more evident than with the photography. Each bride feels like she is princess for the day, and when you deliver the pictures to her, Heaven help you if she doesn’t look like she is!
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