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The Secrets to Great Underwater Macro Photography

Underwater macro photography requires you to undertake quite a bit of research. You need to have a working knowledge of where you can find good subjects and at what depths they can be found. You also need to check out some of the photos taken at these dive sites to have an idea of what works best and if ever there is anything that can be done to capture better images. After visualizing what shots you want to take, you can then proceed to choosing which lens to take on your dive.
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Careers in Underwater Photography

A career in underwater photography I think would be very fascinating with some of the information I have gathered I do hope that you too will enjoy this insight. First gathering underwater photography career information is not that easy to find. The career itself is for the hearty and those who love deep water diving. The things that you see and photograph are amazing plus at times are useful in our eco world. One important fact about an underwater photography career is that today’s technology is paramount to bringing about the images from the deep sea that before were unobtainable...
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An Underwater Photography Adventure

As years go by, the world of photography continues to reinvent itself along with the changes in technology. Its pillars continue to come up with better sets of equipment like cameras and constantly come up with new methods and strategies to produce better photograph...
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