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Learn Special Family Portrait Photography: Essential Tips

So, if you are planning to carve your name in this niche, you should prepare yourself for the unyielding demands and rigors associated with the job. More than just knowing how to implement the perfect poses, you should also learn how to interact and communicate with every member of the family. This is extremely crucial if you want to do this right!
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Senior Prom Photography – 9 Tips for Great Prom Photos

Is there anything more memorable in a young teenager’s life than attending his or her prom night? For sure, there aren’t many – and that is why taking good professional prom photos to remember this special event is a must. Now, if you want to take advantage of this situation and make a healthy profit […]
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The Basics Of Portrait Photography

If you are into portrait photography and you want to create striking and stunning portraiture, doing experimentations can help you find your own style. Even if you have no fancy equipment and only a minimal experience, here are some things you can try doing:
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Taking Portraits? Learn These Few Tips First

One of the most profitable areas of photography business is portraiture. Try to imagine the number of parents out there who want to have a yearly picture of their children to have a ‘record’ of their child’s development, or just think of the couples out there who just want to immortalize their happiest moments together. Indeed, if you are into portraits, there are a lot of opportunities for you, especially in terms of making a business out of a hobby.
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Portrait Photography Lighting Tips

Whether you're an amateur, intermediate or professional photographer, sooner rather than later you would have realized that understanding and applying portrait photography lighting correctly really does improve the quality of your portraits to great lengths. Once you've successfully achieved an oustanding portrait, it's really difficult to stop experimenting and it's not that hard to pick up.
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How to Snatch a Celebrity Photo that’s Worth Talking About

‘By any means, get a shot!’ should be your philosophy if you wish to make it big as a paparazzi. But if you are dealing with someone like Britney Spears who likes to give the paps a call before venturing out of her home, then it’s ‘no poblemo’. But sometimes, you do have to call […]
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Starting Portraits In Digital Photography

The first rule of success in portrait photography is to capture the positive side of the person you are taking. Capture them as happy, enthusiastic, and calm or generally displaying positive actions or moods then you will be well on your way to achieve sensational photos. You can also create sensational portrait photos when the […]
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Five Creative Ways To Shoot Portraits

There are five really handy tips that you can use in your portrait photography. The truth is that it’s easy to get high classy, imaginative and exceptional portrait photos. You may have heard that there are only two methods of lighting used when taking healthy portrait shots; soft and romantic lighting or dramatic lighting. While […]
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How to Shoot Excellent Portraits

Location portraits are really cool! Why? Because you always have heaps of control. If your model is ‘carrying on’ and being difficult, give her a stiff scotch or a glass of champagne. If they are not dressed the way you want them to be, put their clothes in shadow or fix it later on if […]
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Portraiture Photography (Classical as in Contemporary) vs. Ultra-Conservative, Stiff & Staid Portraiture

It's fairly easy to go through a life of photography and not have time to consider the variables of portraiture photography and ancilary photography styles. This article attempts to give you a bo-peep at classical portraiture and the more period portraiture which rarely gets a 'look in' these days. The article is written in an interesting way which covers the subject quickly but thoroughly for just 1300 words and I think it offers generous insight - enjoy!..
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