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Urban Landscape Photography – How to Capture Better Urban Landscape Photos

If you love the hustle and bustle of the big city life, then you must also enjoy urban landscape photography. Needless to say, there is something worth photographing beyond the grey, gritty concrete, graffiti covered walls and towering buildings. There is a unique and exciting photographic opportunity lurking in almost every corner of the city – if you know how to do it right.
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Little Known Natural Lighting Techniques In Landscape Photography

When doing landscape photography, correct lighting is very important. Correct lighting can make a seemingly lifeless landscape be brought to life. In landscape photography, photographers recognize that natural lighting is the best. If you want to know how to take advantage of the natural lighting that nature gives you, here are some little-known natural lighting techniques that you can use in landscape photography:
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How to Take Good Shots of Landscapes

Many of the best photographs taken by professionals are of landscapes and scenic expanses of rolling plains or magnificent mountains. However, a major problem of many landscape captures is they usually don’t look as captivating as the real scenes do. The quality of landscape photos distinguish between a professional, seasoned photographer and an amateur. There is a concern regarding the vastness of scene—the detail that should be captured. Details are significant because they tell whether you’re photo is a nice capture or not.
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31 Photography Quotes by Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams was a great American photographer, most well known as a master landscape artist. Most of his photographs depict natural landscapes of the American west. Born in San Francisco in 1902, Ansel Adams trained as a concert pianist before deciding to become photographer. He became famous for the technical skill with which he produced spectacular images of the American landscape. He advocated straight and un-manipulated photography. His works were exhibited all around the country, and he helped establish the department of photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in 1940, and was awarded a number of fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation to photograph National Parks in America.
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8 Tips for a Successful Landscape Shoot

Make sure you keep a map of the area you are going work in. Don't assume you know everything about it's splendor. Do some research and take relevant maps with you. Many unique landscape photography secrets are found this way, never mind the photos. Don't make the mistake of thinking this is overkill. Once you start using a map and understanding contours etc., you will be able to predict the chances of better shots in otherwise missed locations.
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Beach Photography: 10 Tips

Splendid photographs can be obtained by the digital camera owner at the seashore. Interesting light, colour and outstanding beauty all contribute to the potential for an excellent shot. However, there are some potential risks for the camera owner at the seaside and these include privacy issues, the challenge of making a large space visually pleasing, […]
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Buying Landscape Photos

You don’t have to be an art collector in order to be interested in buying landscape photos. It’s interesting that landscape photography is an art that can be enjoyed by all kinds of people, even by those who have no knowledge or interests in art, in general. This is why a landscape photo is always a good choice for decorating a wall in your house or in public spaces, such as offices, restaurants, hotels, etc...
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Building Landscape Photos

We live in buildings, we work in buildings, we are surrounded by buildings and when we go to some new city we are excited to see representative buildings of that place. It becomes obvious that building landscape photos make an important category of photography. Making good building landscape photos might sometimes be a challenge both for professional and amateur photographers...
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Landscape photo art

In my opinion, landscape photo art means creating a visual metaphor for a concept you have in mind, for a feeling within yourself. People often think that taking a landscape photo is a simple matter and that anyone can do it. But having a camera with you on a trip on the mountain and taking photos from time to time so that you’ll remember you’ve been there, has nothing to do with landscape photo art...
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City Landscape Photos

When we visit a city for the first time most of us are willing to spend a lot of money on books or postcards that contain city landscape photos. And many times, just looking at city landscape photos might determine that you go and visit that particular city. It’s obvious that city landscape photography is captivating for most of us...
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Architectural Landscape Photographs: A History – new

If taking architectural landscape photos is one of your hobbies, it might be interesting for you to read a brief history of architectural photography. Commercial portraiture was the main area of interest in the early years of photography. The ones who made architectural landscape photos were generally travelers, for different business reasons, not only especially for photography. At that time (the middle of the 19th century), photographers usually worked from a convenient window rather than at street level, as they do now...
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Basic techniques for taking great landscape photos

Landscape photography has the ability to take your viewers into another place without actually being there. Anybody can pick up a camera and take a photo of an interesting place, but it takes a careful and mindful photographer to take a landscape photo that is truly compelling. Most of the really impressive landscape photos that you will see have a few common elements. They have some type of foreground element, some type of framing element, and they all comply with the rule of thirds in some way...
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