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Understanding Abstract Photography

While there is no exact definition for this form of photography, let us establish that abstract photography is a technique that puts primary importance to form, color, line and texture over everything else. With abstract photography, content and composition may be immaterial. What's important is that the image expresses the photographer's creativity and captures the viewers' eyes. Interpretation can very well come later.
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How to Take Photos that Sell – 10 Profitable Tips for eBay Sellers

Experienced eBay sellers should know that sometimes, the difference between making a sale and having their wares gathering cobwebs in their designated digital shelf is all a matter of taking good photos. It may also determine the number and amount of bids you get for your products as well. No matter what you’re selling, you […]
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Little-Known Techniques In Black And White Photography

Black and white photographs never fail to exude beauty and nostalgia. This is one of the reasons why despite the invention of color photography, there are still photographers who want to know the art of black and white photography. There are even photographers who specialize in this kind of photography.
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2009 Nobel Prize in physics goes to scientists for work in digital photography and fiber optics

In October, three scientists who were the driving force behind the creation of the technology that gave us digital photography and the instantaneous links to people around the world through fiber optics were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics. The three scientists are: Charles Kuen Kao, Willard S. Boyle, and George E. Smith. These three men were instrumental in developing the technologies for digital photography and fiber-optic networking, and will split the $1.4 million USD award, with Kao receiving 50% and Boyle and Smith 25% each. They will be awarded their certificate and prizes at the ceremony December 10th in Stockholm, Sweden.
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Christmas, Holiday, Winter and Vacation Photography Tips

I guess that title about covers it. Of course in Australia right now it's a pleasant 38 degrees celcius or roughly 106 degrees fahrenheit. There's no breeze and the kookaburras are laughing through the window at me. Beads of perspiration are running down my forehead and are sprinkling across my keyboard as I plug away with stumpy, less than attractive fingers to pass these tips over to you. I'm headed straight to the fridge after I finish this one
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Planning Vacation Photography

So, you are going to finally get that long overdue vacation, and you have made plans to go somewhere scenic and beautiful. This means you will be taking along your camera gear in order to make excellent images of your journey. Does it also mean that you have done your research and made a list of potential sites? Have you also planned on taking the minimal gear to make traveling easier? Do you even know which gear you are going to need?
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Photography Tutorial No 3 – A little goes a long way…

A little goes a long way Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why people are precise and caring about some things while completely abandoning any semblance of responsibility for others. Take my partner for instance. She is a qualified registered nurse with an eagle eye for anything that bears the slightest resemblance of dust. Out comes […]
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Professional Photography – Extract from the Tutorials

Introduction to Roger Jeakings: How does a professional combat photojournalist see the world of photography? This was the question we asked Roger Jeakings, combat veteran, tutor and author with more than 20 years of front-line experience to tell us. Roger has an enterprising communication style all of his own and the one thing he promises […]
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Quality Stock Photography in a Digital Age

Let’s face it, photography has changed dramatically – no one would argue that now. Once upon a time you would have to finger through catalogue after catalogue of stock photography to find what you wanted. Agencies and publishers would be moving prints and transparencies across desks and ordering couriers to send satchels somewhere across the […]
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Photographers Should Know About ‘Zoomr’

Zoomr is a definite breakthrough and is a breath of fresh air in a photo world where excellent photos are not recognized as they once were. Quality oriented photographers should rush to this site. There are many alternatives in the world of stock photography and it has placed pressure on photographers to supply good shots […]
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Is the History of Photography Changing Face?

No one would argue that we have seen a massive explosion over this decade in the digital photography arena. Imaging and graphics just get better and better while costs are reduced and let's face it, cameras continually get better as well. As a result most have abandoned the film platform for obvious reasons. There were of course those who forecasted the demise of film and few would argue with that prophecy now. Even Nikon, an icon in the photographic industry has announced that it will not be continuing many of its film cameras. The truth be known there still may be a flash left in the film industry yet...
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Better Storage and Manipulation for Digital Photos

For a long while managing your photos was quite a task with photos being stuck in shoe boxes, ice cream containers, tax document boxes and you name it, it was probably used. Thankfully digital photography came along and swept us off out feet and produced heaven sent sloutions for storage. We can now sort, store and retrieve much more effectively but this era is not without it's own issues...
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