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Discover the Secrets to Great Mouth-Watering Food Photos

Food photography is very much in demand. Yes, you heard it right. You can really make money simply by taking photos of your meals! But before you grab your camera and start clicking away, you should first know how to take good quality food photos – the kind that makes your mouth water just by […]
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Is It Possible to Make Money from Food Photography?

How many times have you seen one or two people carefully snapping photos of their food? I know that the photographer in you can spot a few errors in the way they set the focus or how terrible the lighting is in that restaurant. Almost instantaneously, you would wonder if you can make some money […]
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Know The Right Food Photography Techniques For Minimalist Cooking

Whatever the real reason behind the rise of minimalist cooking may be, many food photographers have noticed how it has changed the food photography landscape and have heeded the call of the times. Many food photographers have been adapting and evolving their photography techniques to suit it. The new approach is far from the sumptuously glittering and overfilled image that once characterized food photography.
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How to Photograph food

Where ever your look you will almost always experience food photography. We are swimming in a sea of food photography. Open a magazine or newspaper and it will be there squeezing its mouth watering images out at you and encouraging your taste buds to take action.
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