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Tips for Taking Better Vacation Photos

If you are taking your family on a much-awaited vacation this summer, you wouldn't leave your camera behind, right? After all, what's a family vacation without it? Needless to say, you need to take your camera along with you to record all the precious memories you will be spending together with your family – memories that are sure to last for years to come.
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Introducing Your Kids to the Magical World of Digital Photography

So, how do you start teaching your kids the art of digital photography? How do you start harnessing their creativity and honing their photography skills? To help you with this, here are some simple yet extremely useful tips on how this can be done:
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Child Photography – A Memorable Photo With Every Shot

hildren are used as subjects of many photographs. Advertisements depicting sick, homeless children will coerce people into donating money to a certain cause. Conversely, pictures of happy, adorable children will sell many different items. Also, parents can think of no better subject of photographs then their children. Therefore, parents haul their cameras everywhere their children go, just in case there is a memorable moment that they would miss if their camera were not in tow. However, many photographs of children are special, but only to the photographer and to their friends and family. There are several techniques that a photographer can use to make images captured of any child, memorable to the casual observer.
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Doing Location Shoots for Child Portraits

Many parents feel that studio shoots for a child portrait appear to be 'too staged' and many child photographers also feel this way. In formal studio photo shoots, some children feel restrained and they cease to be their natural selves. This is why many child photographers and parents alike opt for location shoots for their child photos.
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Get a Photographic Farm!

If you ever wonder what you should be shooting, get a farm. I mean this in the photographic sense. I am not the first to suggest that all photography is local, nor that if you are a serious photographer that you should take your camera with you everywhere you go, nor that the best light […]
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Photos for grads: Tips on senior photography

Are you doing any senior photography? If not, you are losing out on a huge market for your photography business! Senior photography has become more and more popular, and is now viewed as a rite of passage. I know of many photographers who make nearly as much or more with seniors that they do with weddings! And if you ask me, senior portrait sessions are MUCH easier than weddings and other events...
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Professional Children’s Portraits – 5 Tips for Success

In my work as a pro photographer I would guess that a good 70% of my images are of children. As a result I have discovered various methods of achieving the completely natural images that people love. There are many things to remember when trying to capture children s images. There are some methods that work and some that don t, here are a few hints that I have learned along the way...
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So you have to photograph toddlers – Nightmare? Not really, here are 8 tips

I think we'll all agree that children do not want their photo taken unless it involves fun of some sort or at least a reward. So, what do we do? Make it a game of some kind and avoid it looking like a chore. Having said that, the best shots seem to come from being quick with the camera when certain events are happening or there's a lot of playing or action going on. If you find that they are distracted with something, this can also be a good time to break out the camera...
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