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6 Useful Tips in Starting a Pet Photography Business

Are you are an honest to goodness pet lover? Do you love taking photos of your furry friends? Are you looking for a viable business that you will surely enjoy? If you are, venturing into a viable pet photography business may just be the thing for you. By having your own pet photography business, you’ll […]
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7 Simple Yet Effective Tips for Great Pet Photos

Well, there's really no question about it - we all like to have our pet's photograph taken and have them displayed on our walls, desks, and everywhere else we can think of. However, there is a unique and often difficult challenge in having it done. Our pets simply have a mind of their own and they wouldn't pose for the camera just to please us. But don't worry. There is a way to go about it. You can take great snapshots of your beloved pet by following these simple tips:
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Who Else Wants To Know How To Photograph Birds In Flight?

bird1Nature has a lot to offer as far as photography subjects are concerned. Aside from the breathtaking scenery that landscape photographers love to photograph, another popular subject for photographers is wildlife. Many photographers love the challenge that comes with capturing wildlife in action as this requires not only the right equipment but also the right technique.
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When Choosing Pet Photography Backgrounds

The background essentially frames your pictures and can greatly affect how a pet looks in a photograph. Even if you have captured an awesome shot of a pet and you disregarded the background, the resulting picture will not be that good. Whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor photo shoot, take time to select the best background for your pictures. Here are some considerations when choosing pet photography backgrounds:
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Some Pointers When Doing On-Location Pet Photography Shoots

Depending on the pet owner’s preference, you can do photo shoots of their pets indoors or outdoors, in their homes or in a special place. Wherever the shoot will be, it is important the scene you pick will reflect the pet’s personality and perspective. So it would be wise to get to know the pet first before the photo shoot so that you can have an idea of its personality and to have an insight on the best location to do the photo shoot. Aside from this, you can also establish a sort of familiarity between the pet and you and having a familiar relationship with the subject can help any pet photographer a lot during the photo shoot.
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Who Else Wants To Dabble In Pet Photography?

Many pet lovers want professionally done photographs of their pets and they often put these on display for all to see and appreciate. Photographing pets can be quite a challenge because pets usually can’t pick up instructions the way people do. There are also certain limitations in pet photography that makes it more difficult than most other kinds of photography but the rewards are great if you are able to create a really beautiful photograph of your beloved pet.
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How to Take Digital Photos of Dogs

Anyone who has ever tried to snap a few pictures of their beloved family pets will know that they can be difficult to capture. Cats seem to know when a camera is pointing at them and often assume an ugly scowl or bolt off in an undetectable direction. Dogs tend to be happy to have their owner’s direct attention and assume clownish or entirely un-photogenic positions. Obviously pet photography has its many unique challenges.
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Tips to help you as a Pet Photographer

You love animals and whether you plan to make your living from being a professional pet photographer or whether you just love doing animal photography here are some tips to help you get better photos and improve your pet photography. Pet Photos take Patience Most animals are camera shy if you make it obvious what […]
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Bird Photography

I am primarily a bird photographer.The common opinion is that as a birder you need to shoot rare birds. Rare birds are a welcome opportunity, but what can you do when you live in a big town and can’t travel a lot to other places. That is exactly what happened in my case. My opportunities […]
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Pet and Wildlife Photography

Trying to photograph animals is great fun, but challenging While it may only have been ten minutes, it felt like an eternity when trying to get a good shot of this vocal and precocious parrot. Every time I had him in focus and thought I had the perfect shot lined up, he would hide his […]
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Tips For Successful Pet Photography…

If you came for the instant download to How to Start a Pet Photography Business, please go to the download page here at – starting a pet photography business Everyone else should go to the article below. Some Tips For Pet Photography W.C. Fields said that he never liked working with animals or children. Now, […]
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