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Youth Sports Photography Business – How to Make It Click

sports photographyDid you know that you can easily earn a substantial income by becoming an in demand youth sports photographer? If you are still not aware of it, some professional youth sports photographers can easily earn thousands of dollars in a single game day. Does this pique your interest? I bet it does!
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How to Shoot Action Photography at Night – 9 Tips to Get that Perfect Shot

Do you want to capture extremely vivid and more dramatic action shoots at night? Do you want to shoot clear, crisp photos after day light has long gone? Well, let’s face it. Taking good action shots can be a challenging job for most amateur photographers. And taking photos during the night under either low lighting […]
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Photographing Fireworks – How to Get It Right All the Time!

With the New Year just a few days away, you have the perfect opportunity to catch all those magical fireworks display on camera. But do you know how to make it work? Do you have the skills to capture all those breathtaking moments on camera? While a lot of people are not sure if they […]
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The Secrets To Using Flash Creatively When Doing Action Photography

To get good action shots, you need to have some knowledge of the activity you are planning to photograph. This knowledge will give you an insight on the right place and time to shoot. You need to develop a great sense of timing since timing is a crucial element in action photography. Action photography is about capturing the best moment possible. In short, great moments captured makes for great action photographs. Knowing when to anticipate the peak moments of an action will make you to be in a better position to take breathtaking action photos.
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Sports Photography: Race Car Shoot

Recently I was invited by Windsor Life Magazine to do a photo layout of the Detroit Grandprix held on September 02/07 on Belle Isle. I gained valuable experience and information in this highly competitive area of sports photography. Panning your shots is extremely important and very useful to capture a screaming indy car going past […]
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Master Tips On The Art Of Sports Photography – new

For the digital photographer, capturing an action shot of any kind is a challenge. Consumer-level cameras are made to snap still images of your loved ones, not catch the winning car crossing the finish line at the Indianapolis 500 or a surfer in an incredibly fast barrel in such detail that you can see droplets […]
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Action Photo And Moving Object Capture

It's truly exciting when we find a way of manipulating action photos and moving objects. It's true that a little practising is required but only a little before you begin to see the results from your sacrifuce. An action photo is not difficult to do but how you do it is what counts. This article takes you one step further with your action photos...
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Action shots – how to shoot like a pro

Explains action shots and sports photography that will improve your action photography. Personal photography has gone through a sort of mini evolution in the past 20 years as digital cameras have become popular. With the ability to take huge numbers of pictures, save them on computer, and share them over the internet, the cost of film and developing are no longer limiting factors. Although group photographs, portraits, celebrations, and vacations are still common images, personal photography now captures more impromptu and daily types of events...
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