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Know the Equipment You Should Have to Start Your Digital Photography Business

When starting your digital photography business, it is better to put premium on quality when purchasing the equipment you will need. Be sure to have the basic equipment first, especially when you are on a tight budget, and just buy the additional equipment as your business grows.
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Important Facts When Claiming Expenses For Your Photography Business

Maintaining the accuracy of your data when claiming expenses for your photography business is very important if you don’t want to get snagged into something unpleasant with the authorities. You’ll find yourself in hot water if you claim the wrong expenses because of your bad record keeping. To avoid this, you need to have a solid system for storing and reporting the money you spent on your equipments, supplies, and other expenses.
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Starting Your Photography Business: Get On The Right Track

The photography business is not easy one. It could make you or break you. There was the Sanders study positing that the industry has a turnover rate of 85% or with only 15 % of commercial photographers making it to their third year in business. Aside from having the talent, skills, and the right equipment, a budding commercial photographer also needs to have the right marketing strategies to succeed in the business.
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Building An Impressive Photography Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of a photographer’s sample photographs. When looking for business deals, like when commissioning for wedding photography and the like, most clients would want to see a photographer’s portfolio before making a decision on who to commission for the job at the hand.
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A List of 10 Tips on Making Money as a Photographer

If you have been a photographer for any length of time, you will know that you can never get enough tips on how to make money working as a photographer. This week, I have looked back at my career in photography and pulled out my top 10 tips on making a consistent income as a professional photographer.
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Getting a New Photography Business Off the Ground

We all need a heads up every now and then when it comes to life and even to managing and running a business. Looking back at how things were in the past, your father, grandfather or other older generations of your family would have looked out for you and taught you the ropes of life and business. In those days, they would probably have taught you the ins and outs of a family business that had been passed down through the generations. In today’s world, which is full of independent, nuclear families we are sometimes left flailing in the water as we try to launch out into new ventures and try to figure out what it actually takes to get from point A to a place of profitability. This is where a good training course can be a lifesaver for a new business owner.
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Photography Business Choices in a Recession

In life, the most successful and most healthy are those that are able to flex and bend with life’s ebbs and flows. This is definitely true for the professional photographer. During times of recession, independent photographers have to rein things in just like everybody else and unfortunately small business owners are usually affected the most by recession.
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Pet Photography as a Profitable Business

Animals and photography are your passion, and people often ask you to take photos of the pets for them. Now you dream of starting a pet photography business. Pets have been a part of your life for so long and you have hundreds of photos spanning many years. You have captured them as pictorial memories […]
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Work at Home with a Photography Business

The presence of computers in the home, the Internet, and digital cameras have brought us a new category of professional: the self-sufficient home freelance photographer. Before the Internet, this would have been a prohibitive venture; you’d have to send printed photos in the mail, and you’d have to correspond with publishers and buyers. On the […]
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Secrets To Bringing More Visitors To Your Photo Website

Any photographer who nourishes and loves their unique gift, and is passionate about their craft, should embrace this report. In it, I’ll not just tell you how to bring more traffic (targeted visitors or customers) to your websites, but also show you how easily it can actually be. The fact is that no matter how […]
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A Photography Lifestyle

Here’s the thing. I am not a professional photographer. I don’t have loads of useful photography tips or know what the best equipment is. What I can talk about is how taking pictures has changed my life and my feeling of passion for capturing beauty in pictures. It all started about 3 years ago. I […]
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5 Photography Business Choices To Consider

This photography business article has been compiled from five articles of mine to consolidate some of the opportunities that are available for you to make money from photography. You may already be up and running which deserves congratulations. However, if you’re not, I can’t force you to take action but take heed; Do nothing and […]
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