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Youth Sports Photography Business – How to Make It Click

sports photographyDid you know that you can easily earn a substantial income by becoming an in demand youth sports photographer? If you are still not aware of it, some professional youth sports photographers can easily earn thousands of dollars in a single game day. Does this pique your interest? I bet it does!
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6 Useful Tips in Starting a Pet Photography Business

Are you are an honest to goodness pet lover? Do you love taking photos of your furry friends? Are you looking for a viable business that you will surely enjoy? If you are, venturing into a viable pet photography business may just be the thing for you. By having your own pet photography business, you’ll […]
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Marketing Your Photography Business Through Facebook Pt.2

Facebook can really help a lot in marketing your photography business. You can advertise and create or strengthen your brand through this social networking site. Though the process of building a loyal following may not be that easy as it would take time and dedication, you would also need to keep your presence real on Facebook.
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Marketing Your Photography Business Through Facebook Pt.1

If you are in the photography business, you can market your business through Facebook. You can connect with clients and prospective clients through this social networking site. You can post your portfolio for them to see and you can share various information about your business and a lot more.
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Event Photography: Money Making Ideas

The key trick is in choosing your market slice. You must choose a slice of the market where people want to keep memories alive in print. It must also be an event that is hard to capture for a non professional so that they will...
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A Low Budget First Gig Photographer’s Tool Kit & Strategy

Let's face it, sometimes people do want to leave their existing boring role in life and do something they like for a living. I was one of those. Each day just became worse in the job I was doing. Hey...but I needed the money and there was no other way back then (at least, that's what I thought). I later learned how ridiculous that way of thinking is, and I wished I'd listened or more importantly, READ more on what to do.
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Photography Business Suggestion No.2

In my last article relating to a suggestion for your photography business No.1, I went straight to the heart of things with little distraction and I was (I hope) straight to the point. I did this for a number of reasons but none less than the fact that it can be difficult starting your own photography business because initially customers can seem to be elusive or difficult to find. It doesn't need to be this way and I will try to help you with one or two tips here and there but I won't be giving the more powerful secrets of my photography business guide away for nothing or in this process.
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Photography Business Tip Suggestion No.1

Lots of "greenies" to the photography business often do not have a clue as to where to look for their first gig. Some overeager photographers go right for the gold with marketing campaigns and advertisement organizations before they've strengthened their base concepts of taking photographs. Of course, it's not feasible to produce many amateur photographs on this level and still be taken seriously.
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