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Point and Click vs. DSLR Cameras: Which One Should You Pick?

There was a time when choosing a camera depends largely on how much you can afford to pay for it. Believe it or not, it was really that straightforward. Well, to be honest about it, those days are long gone. Now, choosing the perfect camera that fits your needs is a lot more complicated. There are a lot of factors that come into play. As such, your budget becomes just one of the things you have to consider when making your final decision.
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10 Must Read Photography Blogs

n researching this article, I did a Google search for “great photography blog” and it gave me 45,800,000 results. Where would I even start to look for other great photography blogs (besides the one you’re reading now?) To narrow down the field, I looked at several pages of results and noted the blogs that were mentioned multiple times in different articles, and then did quite a bit of browsing on each of those blogs.
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Review of Photo Nuts and Bolts: Know your Camera and take better Photos

Learn to know your camera and take better photos. Learn to know your camera and take better photos. This review has come about because of you. As a result of recent emails referring to the 'nuts and bolts' eGuide slant I had in my last post, I now understand I should have created a review instead of expecting everyone to know what I was talking about ...oops! Anyway, rather than go into a long winded list of excuses (I was tempted) why I didn't do that (...cause I'm sure that's exactly what you don't want), here's my review.
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What is Web-Based, Automatic Video Production Software for Photography?

It doesn't matter if you have a photography business, or simply enjoy the artistic side of photography. It's important to display or present your creative genius the best way you can without it costing too much or even less if you catch my drift. A clumsy email (containing prints) to customers, friends and relations is often mistakenly thwarted by virus detectors or some other electronic nemesis. Snail-mail takes too long and sometimes the most carefully packaged prints get lost or damaged in the post. By the way, how do you get your images out there to the public so they can access and admire your work?
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12 Common Digital Photography Mistakes

With digital cameras at their most affordable, anybody can be a photographer these days. Problem is, it takes more than a camera to take good pictures. It takes a certain eye, a way of seeing things, to take pictures that make people go “Wow!”. Fortunately, it can be learned. And the more you practice, the […]
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Your Guide to Digital Photography: a Review

Summary: The Your Guide to Digital Photography by Dan Feildman is a downloadable guide for digital photography beginners and also those looking for better results from their digital photography.
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Photo Tip to Share

If any of your readers are like I am, they probably have encountered the same problem I had during a recent trip. What happened was that about 5 or 10 of my first photos of the day came out either way too dark or way too light. The cause? My settings the evening before, while […]
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A Photographer’s Nightmare

Good Day Roy. I thought I would share this experience with you. You may find some use for it within your growing photography Blog community and please feel free to edit it into any form that is usable. I have recently returned from a 10 day visit to Porto Rico and had accumulated over 600 […]
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